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    Welcome to the City web page

This website is under construction. If we can have venture capital, we will speed up the construction. This website will offer comprehensive information, consulting, business and service for the city. It will support city to develop technology, health, environmental protection etc. It will support entrepreneurs to the world market.

We will support:

1. Urban development:
(1) Urban Science and Technology Development Advisory Service.
(2) Urban problem solving consulting services, such as: air pollution, water pollution, mitigation and treatment of heavy metal pollution; deodorization treatment of garbage and wastewater, defluoridation treatment of high-fluorine drinking water; vacant technology development zone, the activation of the small villages and towns.

2. Enterprise development:
(1) The development of the corporate group across the country and the world. At present, many shopping centers, chain stores and enterprises without competitive advantages are face great challenges. They need to face new marketing environment and adopt new marketing strategies. If your company still has no good marketing strategies, please contact us; Let's solve the problem together.
(2) Rescue of companies in distress: If you are facing difficulties and do not want to give up, please contact us and we can propose a rescue strategy for you.
(3) We seek honest partners, agent economic, effective and environmentally friendly deodorant, suitable for fast sanitation and deodorization of households, restaurants and hotels. Also can be used for garbage collection points, garbage collection and transportation vehicles, garbage dumps in urban residential areas. The landfill is fast, hygienic and environmentally friendly, and deodorizes the sewage, sewage, and municipal wastewater treatment plants.

3. Personal services
(1) Personal education and training consultation: According to the actual situation of the individual, choose the appropriate direction, receive education and training.
(2) Personal entrepreneurship consultation: According to the actual situation of the individual, help you choose the direction and start a business.
(3) Personal health consultation: According to the actual situation of the individual, help you cross the life barrier, health and longevity.

Please pay attention to the Feshing Club.

If there are partners, we will speed up the construction; what important information you would like to have on this page, please provide a link, we will consider your comments when making the webpage, please give us your valuable comments, thank you!

If you would like to join us, cooperation with us, please contact us. .

Our Strategies

1. Developing Strategies for Canada

1. Developing Strategies for the Canada
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2015.01.01
2. Developing Strategies for the Province of Ontario, Canada
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2015.01.13
3. Developing Strategies for the City of Hamilton, Ontario
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2015.01.01
4. Developing Strategies for the Province of Alberta, Canada
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2015.02.24
5. Developing Strategies for the City of Calgary, Alberta
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2015.02.26
6. Developing Strategies for the Canada
    by  Chief Editor  F. Jiang  2016.01.06

2. Developing Strategies for States, Cities

    In the USA, the conditions of economy, laws, technology level, talented people, and qualified professionals are the same. But the development of every State and cities is very different. Many small and weak States, cities have been quickly developing, some of the developed cities have been caught up. The key point is the difference of the developing innovation strategy and problem solving ability.
    Feshing has been involved in worldwide e-consulting markets. What we can do for you:
    (1) Feshing would evaluate your State / city's developing strategy based on global, your country's economy, your state / city's advantageous and disadvantageous condition and then provide advices about your State / city's developing innovation strategy.
    (2) We would also modify this strategy according to global & your country's economic changes, and make your State / city's a fast growing State / city in your country.

3. Developing Strategies for Corporation

    If we overview the economic developing history, many small companies become a leader in their industry section and many big companies have been out of business. The key point is the difference of the developing innovation strategy and problem solving ability.
    Feshing has been involved in worldwide e-consulting markets. What we can do for you:
    (1) Feshing would like to provide advices about your company's short term and long term developing strategies.
    (2) We would also like to modify these strategies according to global developing changes, and make your company a continuous fast growing company.

3. Consulting on your Marketing System

    Marketing is the company's life. How to market your products in local and global markets is very important.
    Feshing has been involved in worldwide e-consulting markets. We will like to help you reach your goal.
    What we can do for you:
    (1) We will like to evaluate your marketing strategy/system and give you some advices.
    (2) If you are interested in our advice, we will help you modify your marketing strategy/system or help you market your products worldwide and support you to be a big winner.

  We can service to the customers in the local cities (such as Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, London, Cambridge, Mississauga, Toronto ) in Ontario, Canada. We can also service to the customers by e-mail in the other cities (such as Ottawa, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax,Saskatoon,Saint John,Charlottetown) in Canada and worldwide (such as New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Baltimore, Miami in US, Brasilia, Mexico city, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Athens, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Bern, Budapest, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya in Japan, China Beijing, Shanghai, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changsha, Xian, Dalian, Shenyan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, New Delhi, Cairo, Kuwait city).

  If you have questions, please contact us.

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Our Services

1.Web+ Marketing
If you need more customers, please contact us. We will help you expanding your business in local, or Ontario, Canada, US, UK, China and worldwide. You just need a little spending to start.
 Web+ Marketing Team

2.Feshing Club-EIP
We welcome students, entrepreneurs, investors, organizational managers, and service providers to join our entrepreneurial, investing partner club.
 Feshing Club-EIP

3.Study and Immigration
Canada is one of the best live and developed country in the world. If you would like study and immigrating to here, please contact us. Welcome tutors.
 Study-Immigration Team

If you or your children like a bright future, need problem solving, please contact us. We will help you.Welcome tutors.
 Study Team

If you would like touring, searching antiques,shopping in city of Toronto, or you need appraisal your Chinese antiques, please contact us. We will help you.
 Touring-Shop-Antique Team

5.Feshing club-Health
There are many barriers in life. If you don't pay attention and you may die early. If you are in middle-aged, busy with work, and have no time to take care of yourself. If you are retired and economically rich, you hope live health and live longer. please contact us, we will help you live health and live longer.
 Feshing club-Health

6.Feshing Clubs
If you would like join Feshing many interested clubs, or you can offer service to our clubs, please contact us.
 Feshing Clubs

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  1 ALS- ice bucket challenge
This is a rare incurable disease in the world, the British scientists Hawking is suffering from ALS; the current lack of research funding, hope that the generous donation of loving philanthropists.
 ALS Team