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Major disasters & Respond !
We can assist large and middle cities in the world to formulate development strategies for high-tech, commerce, industry, education, medical care, tourism, senior care, real estate, etc., so that the supply of urban housing is sufficient, the seniors can enjoy their life,the social security can be improved, and the government can balance the debt or reduction. Please contact us.


New Products


   We supply the more safe, the more green, economical and stable Eco building materials and prefab house system (quickly-assembled) in the world.

BLD-Quickly-Assembled, water-fire proof-A1, 174 M2 house, US SD.

   More Products

Local real estate developers and investors are welcome to cooperate with us.
If you are interested, Please contact us.



World Health Management
WHO  Ministry of Health

World Health Government

China: Health CDC FDA CAMS EPA


France: Health CDC FDA NIH EPA

Germany: Health CDC FDA NIH EPA

Canada: Health CDC FDA NIH EPA

Australia: Health CDC FDA PEA

Brazil: Health CDC FDA NIH EPA

World Public Health
Sanitation Food Safety Water Hygiene Air Pollution Health Workers
World Health and Medical Academic Forum
Health medicine development history

Health medicine development strategy

Health Medicine Review

Medical treatment mechanism

Health medical risk factors

Research methods

Health Forum: environment, nutrition, fitness, health care, sleep, emotion, weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, quitting narcotics, maternal and child health, adolescence, middle age, elderly health care.

Disease Forum: Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors, neuropsychiatric diseases, autoimmune-asthmatic diseases, hematological diseases, genetic diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, gastric diseases, intestinal diseases, dental diseases, addiction treatment, diagnosis, drugs, surgery, radiation, bioresonance-phytherapy.

Research Funding: Basics, Drugs, Instruments, Interventional Methods.

Basic research: health, disease, drugs, instruments, interventional methods

Clinical research: health, disease, drugs, instruments, interventional methods

Training: basic, clinical, pharmaceutical, instrument, treatment research and development methodologies, professional trials

Advance Study

R&D and training of related instruments and equipment: diagnostic, auxiliary, and therapeutic instruments and equipment

World Health Medicine Public Community
Health medicine development history

Health medicine public_review

Treatment mechanism

Risk factors

Health: environment, nutrition, fitness, health care, sleep, emotion, weight loss, quitting smoking, quitting alcohol, quitting narcotics, maternal and child health care, adolescence, middle-aged, and elderly health care.

Diseases: Cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, tumors, neuropsychiatric diseases, autoimmune-asthmatic diseases, hematological diseases, genetic diseases, kidney diseases, liver diseases, gastric diseases, intestinal diseases, dental diseases, addiction treatment, diagnosis, drugs-surgery-radiation-bioresonance-physiotherapy.

Innovation venture capital

Research funding

Related instruments: diagnostic, auxiliary, therapeutic instruments and equipment


World COVID-19 News

Coronavirus global health emergency ends23.5.5
WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Dashboard
US CDC for Covid 19 controls
Travel to US
Canada COVID-19
China CDC COVID-19

Our World COVID-19


Now a new wave of Covid 19 is coming, please pay attention to protect yourself and the seniors, weak and sick people. F.Jiang 2023.9.26

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World Health Information

World Health Information
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World_Health Medical Job
Government:Health FDA CDC

Education:University Collegy Research Training

Medical: hospitals, nursing homes, clinics, test, services

Company: Reagents, pharmaceuticals, biology, instruments and equipment, technology, intelligence

Marketing: Internet, chain stores, logistics

Investment: Funds, VC, Innovation and Technology Parks, Clubs


Health Medical Service

World Health Service
Health Life
Life Pre-birth Infancy Baby Children Teen Adult Senior longevity End Soul
World Health Topics
World Health Topics
Seasons: emotions, warmth and cold, common diseases

Exercise: age, season, physical condition, nutrition, environment

Learning: methods, efficiency, age, nutrition

Work: efficiency, health, nutrition, environment

Tourism: seasons, health, nutrition, safety

Mother and baby: pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, nutrition, nursing

Children: nutrition, sports, kindergarten, primary school

Teenagers: nutrition, exercise, middle school, adolescence

Young-Adults: nutrition, exercise, study, work, love, marriage, childbirth

Middle-Adults: nutrition, exercise, work, parenting, career

Senior-Adults:Retirement, nutrition, exercise, Senior care, consulting, helping children and grandchildren

Brain: Learning, Memory, Forgetfulness, Dementia, Heredity

Cardio-cerebrovascular: physiology, diet, exercise, blood vessels, high blood pressure, stroke, stress, genetics

Tumor: Tumor: Diet, Immunity, Environment, Genetics, Lung, Liver, Breast

Diabetes: Diet, Exercise, Genetics

Spirit: psychology, tension, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive, autism

Lungs: Physiology, Smoking, Air, Infections, Tumors

Kidney: physiology, diet, infection, immunity

Stomach:Physiology, diet, alcohol, infection, tumors

Liver:Physiology, diet, alcohol, infection, tumors

Intestine:Physiology, diet, infection, tumors

Bones & joints: physiology, diet, exercise

Eyes: Physiology, Diet, Massage, Protection

Pollution: Food Air Water Infectious Diseases Tumor Improvement

Habits: good habits, diet, smoking, alcoholism, infections, tumors

Nutrition: age, gender, iron, calcium, zinc, balanced nutrition, unhealthy nutrition

Diet: obesity, weight loss, healthy diet, fiber, unhealthy diet, sugar, fat, cholesterol

Sleep: Physiology, Good Sleep, Diet, Disorders, Drinking, Coffee, Stress, Environment, Improvement

Addictions: gaming, smoking, shopping, drinking, narcotics

Weight: Diet, Exercise, Mental Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Heredity

Nutritional & Health products
Nutritional & Health products
Nutritional Products: Food & Nutritional Products

Health products: health products & equipment

Wellness & Fitness Equipment
Wellness & Fitness Equipment
Physical and mental health

Fitness training

Health products

Fitness Equipment

World Medicine & Treatment
World Medicine
Diseases: common diseases, difficult to treat diseases
Common diseases: hypertension, diabetes, liver disease, kidney disease, gastroenteritis, bronchitis, osteoarthritis, malignant tumors, immune diseases, infectious diseases, etc.

Infectious diseases: influenza, colds, covid 19, diarrhea, measles, rubella, mumps

Difficult to treat diseases:
Cardiovascular diseases
Immune diseases

World Hospital
Hospital, Doctor, Diagnosis
Hospital: public, private, clinic

 Doctors: Specialty, Emergency, Dental, Family

 Testing: imaging, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics

 Physiotherapy: exercise, physics, massage, resonance therapy

 Nursing: hospitalization, emergency room, operating room, nursing home, home visit

 Senior care: senior homes, nursing homes, home

Traditional Medicine: China, Asia, Africa, America

Traditional Hospital: public, private, clinic

 Doctors: Specialty, Emergency, Dental, Family

 Diagnosis: imaging, pathology, biochemistry, microbiology, genetics

 Physiotherapy: massage, acupuncture & resonance therapy

 Nursing: hospitalization & operating room, nursing home, home visit

 Senior care: senior homes, nursing homes, home

World Drug & Herb
Drug & Herb
Drug properties: Herb & Drug

Drug interactions: Herb, Drug, Herb & Drug

Drug side effects:Herb, Drug, Herb & Drug

Prescription Drug

Non-prescription drug

Traditional Medicine: Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Massage, Resonance therap

Western medicine: Western medicine, surgery, radiotherapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy

Integrated Traditional Chinese and Western Medicine: China

Medical devices, reagents, instruments, equipments
Medical devices, reagents, instruments, equipments




World Medical Health Education & Research Park
Medical Health Education
Medical School Ranking
Ranking 排名  Times  QS  ARWU
US  Harvard  stanf  hopk  Yale  UPEN
UK Oxford Cambridge ICL UCL Kings
Asia  Tsinghua  NUS  HKU  tokyo  PKU
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World medicial health Librariy
Librariy  book  Journal  Paper  Patent Conference
World medicial health Teaching
Basic  Clinic  Diagnosis  Drug  Device Treatment  Management
World Pharmaceutical R&D and Innovation Park
Medicine  Biotech  Diagnosis  Treatment Rehabilitation  Innovation Park

 2020生理或医学  物理  化学  科普  文学
 2021生理或医学  物理  化学  科学  文学
 2022生理或医学  物理  化学  科普  文学
 2023生理或医学  物理  化学  科普  文学

Helping hospitals, clinics, doctors, home care, laboratories, pharmaceuticals, nutrition, health services in the world market!

This website is under construction and venture capital is welcome.

The information provided on this website (especially medicine, health, covid-19, Flu, and various disease information) comes from the Internet. We only provide readers with the convenience to understand the relevant information. We do not provide any guarantee for the authenticity and accuracy of the information. For guarantees, readers are advised to consult local relevant professionals (especially doctors) for guidance. We are not financially or legally responsible for any consequences arising from this information. If readers do not accept our reminder, please stop visiting our website.Thank you.

We can service to the customers in the local cities (such as Hamilton, Burlington, Guelph, London, Cambridge, Mississauga, Toronto ) in Ontario, Canada. We can also service to the customers by e-mail in the other cities (such as Ottawa, Kingston, Montreal, Vancouver, Victoria, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Halifax,Saskatoon,Saint John,Charlottetown) in Canada and worldwide (such as New York, Washington D.C., San Francisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Chicago, Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Austin, Philadelphia, Phoenix, Indianapolis, Boston, Columbus, Detroit, Baltimore, Miami in US, Brasilia, Mexico city, Buenos Aires, Paris, London, Berlin, Rome, Moscow, Athens, Amsterdam, Madrid, Oslo, Stockholm, Bern, Budapest, Tokyo, Yokohama, Osaka, Nagoya in Japan, China Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Jiangyin, Chongqing, Chengdu, Guangzhou, fuzhou, Xiamen, Wuhan, Changsha, Xian, Dalian, Shenyan, Taipei, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, New Delhi, Cairo, Kuwait city).

If you have questions and suggestions, please contact us:

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Venture Capital Projects

  1 Biotechnology Inc.
 Support us to start the development of cheap and massive vaccines against the covid19, mutated covid19 and Monkeypox.

 2 Bio-health Inc.
 Support us to development and listing of bio-health products (good for middle-aged and elderly people) and health web platform.

 3 Art and antique Inc.
 Support us to collect art and antiques, set up an auction company, and establish a web platform.

 4 Co-Real estate development
 (1)The development of tourism chains, retirement communities, and real estate web platforms.
Real Estate
 (2) Support our participation in the research, development and product design of special materials: strong fire resistance, high-building fire extinguishing, water resistance, earthquake resistance, damage resistance, ordinary gunfire resistance, and radiation resistance.
Disaster Resistant Materials and Products
  If you are interested these, please contact us:


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1.Web+ Marketing
If you need more customers, please contact us. We will help you expanding your business in local, or Ontario, Canada, US, UK, China and worldwide. You just need a little spending to start.
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2.Feshing Club-EIP
We welcome students, entrepreneurs, investors, organizational managers, and service providers to join our entrepreneurial, investing partner club.
 Feshing Club-EIP

3.Study and Immigration
Canada is one of the best live and developed country in the world. If you would like study and immigrating to here, please contact us. Welcome tutors.
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If you or your children like a bright future, need problem solving, please contact us. We will help you.Welcome tutors.
 Study Team

If you would like touring, searching antiques,shopping in city of Toronto, or you need appraisal your Chinese antiques, please contact us. We will help you.
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5.Feshing club-Health
There are many barriers in life. If you don't pay attention and you may die early. If you are in middle-aged, busy with work, and have no time to take care of yourself. If you are retired and economically rich, you hope live health and live longer. please contact us, we will help you live health and live longer.
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If you would like join Feshing many interested clubs, or you can offer service to our clubs, please contact us.
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  1 ALS- ice bucket challenge
This is a rare incurable disease in the world, the British scientists Hawking is suffering from ALS; the current lack of research funding, hope that the generous donation of loving philanthropists.
 ALS Team